100 Suns


100 Suns are limited edition atomic bomb snowglobes from an installation of one-hundred globes, one for every above-ground atomic bomb at the Nevada Test Site. Each bomb is numbered and signed with an individual name tag on the base, and comes with a brochure about the tests and a list of all 100 names.

Between 1951-1962, 100 atmospheric nuclear weapons tests were conducted at the Nevada Test Site. Bombs were given individual names, and tests included being dropped from the air, fired from guns, and incinerated on towers. Entire fake towns were built in order to survey the damage from the blast. The most elaborate of these towns was called Survival Town and cost over one million dollars to build in 1955. One bomb test from Operation Teapot held a yield of 76 kilotons and reached the temperature of the sun. Just the 29 tests from Operation Pumbbob is estimated to have released 10 times more fallout into the atmosphere than the Chernobyl plant explosion.

100 Suns
Coyote Bones Press, 2015
Snowglobes; Inkjet prints; Bookcloth; Mulberry Paper; Edition of 100
2.75”x3.5” (diameter)

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