Artist Statement 


Through Artist’s Books, I uncover and capture meaning in overlooked places. My work examines landscape and objects as metaphor for the human experience. A focal point of this investigation is a curiosity behind how we understand and navigate space. I am driven by the questions, “how and where is memory held in objects and places?” and “where does our internal space stop and external space begin if our presence is capable of changing the atmosphere?” The combination of bookbinding, printmaking, and archiving allows me to preserve the ethereal moments that occur within these spaces. The book itself is a familiar space for individual consumption; it is inherently democratic and presents information in an accessible way. My pieces expand upon the utility and the technology of the book becoming multifaceted amalgamations of deep research, first-hand observation, documentation, and extended meditation. Reoccurring themes found in my work include topography and cartography, relics and artifacts, the anomalous and paranormal.