JCBA 2019/2020 Salzberg Artist in Residence

I am going to be the new Artist in Residence at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts starting this fall! The residency will take place during the academic year 2019-2020 at Florida Atlantic University where I will be teaching book art workshops and creating a new book about the dusky seaside sparrow, a Floridian bird that was declared extinct in 1990. I will post updates on my website throughout the process, or you can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more frequent updates.

This is an excerpt from the project proposal for the residency:

On June 17, 1987, the last dusky seaside sparrow died at the Discovery Center at Walt Disney World. The sparrow was referred to as “Orange Band” because of the colored anklet used to track him. He was the last of his kind for over a year, and one of only five (all males) known in existence since 1981. After no further sightings in the wild were made, the dusky seaside sparrow was officially declared extinct in 1990. This artists’ book will tell the story of Orange Band and how he came to be all alone, and what happened to the dusky seaside sparrow.

Utilizing the libraries at FAU and other resources, I will conduct research on dusky seaside sparrows. The book will be letterpress printed with reduction linocut images. The text will combine prose detailing the story of Orange Band and cited research about the sparrow’s reasons for extinction and efforts to breed and protect the species. The reduction cut method is an important component due to the finality of the process. With each subsequent layer, there is no going back; each addition to the print is also the destruction of the original block. The print will be used for six colors, and each printed layer will be included in the book. Starting with the complete 6-color print, each subsequent image will have one less color until reaching the first layer of a light orange band. The book will be bound in a variation of a drum leaf / sewn boards structure with an accompanying box or slipcase. “Orange Band” will be equal parts documentation and memoriam. The side of the edition is yet to be determined, but ideally and reasonably would be between 15–25 copies.

You can read more about the Salzberg Artist in Residence program and the Jaffe Center for Book Arts here.