Peripheral Visions


My first memory is seeing a procession of brightly colored witches walking up a staircase when I was a toddler. I observed them from the top of the stairs out of the corner of my eye. I dared not look at them directly because I knew that then they could see me. I sat as still as possible and watched from my peripheral vision as one by one, phantoms in colorful robes ascended and disappeared into our kitchen. This is the first time I remember being scared. I’m skeptical today about its accuracy, but it is still one of my most vivid and haunting memories. The opaque cut-out staircase frames the translucent halo of colors. Text repeats the same memory at different moments, retaining all the consistencies and contradictions with each recollection.

Peripheral Visions is meant to be viewed full open and backlit, if possible. The translucent Yupo paper is back-painted with watercolor creating a ghosting effect of colors from the front view. Staircase carousel are cut out framing inkjet text strips.

Peripheral Visions
Coyote Bones Press, 2017
Carousel / Accordion Variation; Watercolor; Inkjet; Edition of 25
6"x9"x1" (closed); 62"x9”x0.5" (open)

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