*Now on view at the WORD | IMAGE | OBJECT exhibition at the Denver Public Library July 2019 - December 2019

Reliquary memorializes forgotten objects found in the Mojave desert, with text centered around loss, memory, and decay. Questions asked in the text focus on where memory is held within objects and within our bodies, and do they erode at a similar rate?  The rolling box structure reveals one compartment at a time, the items inside mirrored by their gold stamped “sigils” on adjacent cloth. Items and sigils are arranged referencing trail markers and “hobo code” to navigate the way. The last compartment holds a photograph of the area of the desert where the items were found, faded behind a fogged plexi frame.

Rolling box structure variation based on design developed by Julie Chen. Objects contained in compartments: bottlecap, shotgun casing, cigarette, rusted nails, photograph of the Mojave. Text panels letterpress printed from polymer plates. Gold sigils are hot foil stamp from custom dies. Magnet enclosure on top lid to keep secure.

Coyote Bones Press, 2015
Rolling Box Structure Variation; Letterpress; Found Objects; Edition of 25
5"x7"x6" (closed); 43"x7"x1" (open)