The last Sin Eater 


The Last Sin Eater is inspired by Richard Munslow, an Englishman who died in 1906 and is believed to have been the last Sin Eater in the region. A Sin Eater was a person who would eat a ritual meal from a corpse in order to transfer the deceased’s sins unto himself in exchange for payment. Sin Eaters were often outcasted from society, viewed as unclean, and yet they were called upon to absolve their loved ones of their sins after death.

The scroll is handwritten on parchment (goat skin) with handmade ink from iron gall, cochineal, and blood with gold leaf illuminations. The text is sourced from folklore and recitations for the transference of sin. The “kit” contains everything one would need in order to complete a Sin Eater ritual.

The Last Sin Eater
Mixed Media: Bookcloth, Parchment, Leather, Buffalo Teeth, Glass Eye, Homemade Ink from Iron Gall and Cochineal, Human Blood, Gold Leaf, Salt, Glass, Found Silver Locket, Blessing/Spell from Folklore; One of a Kind
5”x12”x4” (case dimensions)